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Tina is the fairy godmother you always needed but never thought you would find!

Tina was able to do what other seamstresses had told me was impossible! I was frantic looking for a seamstress when my dress arrived, I had lost more of the baby weight than anticipated and suddenly had a dress far too big. Another seamstress I had taken my dress to alter literally told me I was better off buying a new dress because the alterations would cost more than the dress itself and would require being completely dismantled with its intricate lace. Another seamstress was going to only lift the dress at the sleeves and bunch it at the top!

Then I found Tina, she didn't take any shortcuts and she did what the others had sworn was impossible. My dress fit me like a glove and her immaculate, intricate, and deft handiwork transformed a dress that slumped off my shoulders to the perfect gown to be married.

She custom-designed a cathedral veil with lace that perfectly complimented my dress. She also created two custom sashes, designs all her own, and perfectly bringing to life what I had imagined. I told her the things I wanted and the details I dreamt of and she brought it to life. She found the perfect fabrics and they were everything I asked for.

I cannot stress enough the knowledge and expertise she possesses and that with her you are certain to have the very best! On top of all that, she is simply the dearest human being and just the salt of the earth!

The bottom line is, she did what no one else could and she didn't take any shortcuts. She completely reconstructed my dress and stitch by stitch made it perfect.

Chelsea S.

Vista, CA


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